Tretiva 5mg

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Tretiva 5mg
Product Code 2685
Manufacturer  Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Country Of Origin India
Dosage Form  Capsule
Indication Acne
Packaging  10 Soft Gelatin Capsules in 1 Strip
Active Ingredient Isotretinoin
US Brand Name Accutane
Tretiva 5mg

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Tretiva 5mg


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What Our Customer Says

Buy Tretiva 5mg

Tretiva capsule comes in various dosage and belongs to a chemical compound called retinoid. The medication helps with treatment of cystic acne or the nodular acne which previously couldn’t be cured with any other treatment. Buy Tretiva 5mg which is a medicine that is known to prevent hardening of the skin and blocks oil from clogging pores. The medicine is not advised to be used during pregnancy. The drug may cause toxicity to the baby. You can buy tretiva 5mg for acne online from various online drug stores. The drug must be taken only after prior consultation with the doctor

What is Tretiva 5mg?

Tretiva capsule is safe to use in the patients which suffer from kidney disease. You must consult with your physician for the right dosage for your particular condition. If you feel excessively tired, suffer from puffy eyes, and experience difficulty in urination then you must inform your doctor, as these can be alarming symptoms. Buy tretiva 5mg for acne trouble, it is readily available at your local drug store or online.

What is the use of Tretiva 5mg?

Buy Tretiva 5mg Capsule is a normally happening subordinate of nutrient An and is utilized for the treatment of serious skin break out (nodular) non-receptive to different treatments. 

Skin inflammation vulgaris - This medication is utilized for the counteractive action and treatment of serious and excruciating nodular skin break out. Take Tretiva 5 MG Capsule as it is instructed by the physician. Follow the directions that have been told to you by the doctor. The other important details are well mentioned on the label. Do not consume the medicine in larg or small quantity than prescribed. Tretiva 5mg is a medicine that must be consumed with food. The symptoms might get worse in the initial phase of treatment.

Drug Interaction

Tretiva 5mg is a medicine which cooperates diversely for individual to individual. You should check all the potential cooperations with your PCP before beginning any prescription. 

Connection with Alcohol 


Connection with liquor is obscure. It is fitting to counsel your PCP before utilization. 

Antibiotic medication - Ethinyl Estradiol 

Regular Micronised Progesterone - Malady collaborations 

Expanded weight around the cerebrum 

Tretiva 5mg isn't suggested for use in patients having an expanded weight around the mind because of a malady or injury. Your primary care physician may decide the best course of treatment in such cases. 

Mental issue 

Utilization of this drug may compound the side effects of mental issue. It ought to be utilized with alert by patients experiencing temperament changes, uneasiness, disturbance, misery and so forth. 


Utilization of this medication may cause a decrease in bone thickness and thus ought to be utilized with alert in patients experiencing osteoporosis or different issue influencing bone thickness.


Consult your doctor and take the medicine as prescribed. Swallow it as a whole, and don’t chew, cut, crush, or break the medicine. It must be taken with food, as it can react to the acidic juices released on empty stomach. Don’t take vitamin A supplements. Avoid any waxing treatment or lazer skin treatment. Buy Tretiva 5mg which is a medicine that id highly helpful and ensures the best treatment is offered.

Side Effects

The side effects may get severe or may go as high as very irritated skin. Itch and dry skin is one of the major symptom of tretiva 5mg capsule.

  • Anemia (low number of red blood cells),
  • Low blood platelets,
  • Eyelid inflammation,
  • Conjunctivitis,
  • Dry eye,
  • Eye irritation,
  • Dry skin,
  • Dermatitis,
  • Exfoliative dermatitis,
  • Itching,
  • Increased liver enzymes.


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