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Email Spam - What is the Policy of

Under no circumstances does TheSafePills support the use of spam email., & do not send and will never send email spam to your inbox.

What is email spam?

Email spam is any email that is unsolicited, sent in bulk to many recipients, and comes from an anonymous source.

In addition to the annoyance it causes, spam emails may contain malware in the form of scripts or an executable file attachment. Spam emails may also contain links to phishing websites or sites that gather your personal information. It is important that you never open links in emails from an unknown source.

How do scammers get my email address?

Scammers can get your email address in a number of ways from various sources. These sources include:

  • Computer-generated lists - also called formulated lists are generated by combining variables such as names, professions, usernames, and businesses. Formulated lists allow spammers to guess at possible email addresses.
  • Disclosure in public forums - signing up for chat rooms, public forums, or using forms of social media can allow devious people to copy and use your email address when sending out spam. It is important that you only disclose your information on sites you trust.
  • Email lists that are sold or shared - email addresses can be acquired and sold by unscrupulous individuals. The email address list may be gathered for legitimate purposes but be obtained fraudulently.
  • Online services - It is important to read the terms and conditions before signing up for online services. If the website does not say it keeps your information private or if it says it shares email addresses with third parties, you open your inbox to receive spam. If you are in doubt about the security of a website do not sign up for services.
How to limit spam in your inbox

You can limit the amount of spam that finds its way into your inbox by following these suggestions:

Use software that filters spam. This type of software allows you to set parameters for the types of emails allowed into your inbox. It allows users to create safe senders lists or block senders. Spam filtering software allows you to also block emails by words contained in the subject. Certain words are associated with objectionable websites.

Computers that are part of a network have an administrator who may be able to track the source of spam emails. To be tracked, you must forward the entire email message including the header. This is usually done by forwarding the email as an attachment to the administrator. You should also forward the email as an attachment to the administrator for the domain the email was sent does not support Spam emails It is the policy of to prohibit the use of spam email by the company or any of our affiliates. If you ever receive a spam email from us, please notify our website administrator by immediately sending the entire email as an attachment to: [email protected].

Our contact information is also available on the Contact Us page. never has and never will support the use of spam emails by our company or any of our affiliates. would like to thank you for your help in fighting spam by crediting your account for the cost of a spam filter. All you need to do is purchase the filter; send us the receipt with the purchase price circled with a credit request form to our Customer Service Center. We will then credit the purchase price to your account to be used on your next order from, &

For questions or further information about our anti-spam policy, contact our website administrator at: [email protected]

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