Tazzle 10mg

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Tazzle 10mg
Product Code: 10551
Manufacturer : Dr. Reddy Lab
Contry Of Origin : India
Dosage From : Tablet
Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
Packaging : 10 Tablets in Strip
Active Ingredient : Tadalafil Citrate
US Brand Name: Cialis
Tazzle 10mg

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Tazzle 10mg


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Buy Tazzle 10mg Online

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common blood-flow related issues. For the effective treatment of this issue, there are numerous medications that are easily available. One of the most commonly implemented medications for the treatment of reproductive disorder is Tazzle 10mg tablet. One can easily buy Tazzle 10mg online or at any of the local drugstore. If you have developed early signs of erectile dysfunction, make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible. 

What are Tazzle Tablets? 

Tazzle is a medicine that treats erectile dysfunction amongst men adeptly. It is important for the person to be provided with sexual stimulation, for him to gain erection. Consult the doctor to know the right dose for you. In erectile dysfunction, the person is unable to get an erection. Either that or the person is unable to retain it for a longer time. In both cases, there is a need for effective treatment. This is where Tazzle tablets step in. The introduction of this drug helps in getting a harder and long-lasting erection. A person suffering from erectile dysfunction may not be able to get erection as easily as a non-ED person gets. This is the reason why we need medication like Tazzle 10mg. Buy Tazzle 10mg tablets online, if you are suffering from this reproductive disorder. 

How to Consume Tazzle 10mg Tablet? 

  • Take the tablets just like any other normal tablet. Keep in mind that you should limit the consumption of alcohol when you are on these medicines. 
  • Do not break these tablets into granular form. 
  • These do not have any impact on the food that you are eating. You can consume these medicines after your meal. 
  • The medicine may contain drugs and supplements that may affect your body in some way. Hence, be sure if you are allergic or can do well with the ingredients of the medicine. 

Men can take it if they suffer impotence. If you are lactose allergic, don’t take the medicine. 10 mg of the dosage must be taken only after consultation. You can definitely opt for a smaller dose of about 10 mg, for initiation and increase the dose if and when required.

If you are introducing this medication, you can take a smaller dosage and less powerful dosages. However, if there are no changes after the consumption of Tazzle 10mg, you can ask your doctor for a higher dose which will definitely help you. 

Appropriate Dosage 

You are not supposed to follow a schedule but you have to be sure that you take the medicine well in time, prior to sexual intercourse. Also, in case you feel you have taken more than required and it feels like an overdose, immediately meet and consult a doctor.

These medicines are specially devised to be taken before intercourse. These should be ideally taken 30 – 40 minutes before you start the intercourse. It is important to give it the required time to act. The effects of these tablets stay up to 30 hours. But if the effects of these medicines stay later than that, it is important to consult your doctor. 

Do not exceed the dosage of these medicines than the amount that is prescribed to you. Exceeding the required dosage can cause serious reproductive organ damage. 

Side Effects of Tazzle 10Mg 

There are chances of side effects from every drug. Every single body reacts to a drug differently and this usually results in side effects. If you are going to introduce Tazzle 10mg to your body, chances are that you are going to observe some side effects. Listed below are some of the side effects that you are going to observe due to the use of Tazzle 10mg: 

  • Memory loss
  • Back pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Facial redness
  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Stomach upset

Make sure to buy Tazzle 10mg online only after considering the side effects. If you observe any of the side-effects, it is important to consult your doctor without waiting. 

More Information
Medicine Salt Name Tadalafil Citrate (Generic Cialis)
Manufacture detail Dr. Reddy Laboratories
Strength 3.7 ml
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