Modawake 200 mg (Modafinil)

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Modawake 200 mg (Modafinil)
Product Code: 1862
Manufacturer : HAB Pharma
Country Of Origin : India
Dosage Form : Tablet
Indication : Sleeping Disorder
Packaging : 10 Tablet's in Strip
Active Ingredient : Modafinil
US Brand Name: Generic Provigil
Modawake 200 mg (Modafinil)

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Modawake 200mg


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What Our Customer Says

Buy Modawake 200 mg Tablet Online

Modawake 200mg tablet is a generic version of the medicine modafinil. These are very much identical other medicines like modalert and similar kinds. The key difference revolves around the fact that it is found to be economical and fillers which are used are also of high level. The fillers are used for various reasons which include bulking and binding agents. Buy modawake 200 mg tablet online to cure the underlying problems.

What is Modawake 200mg tablet?

Modawake 200mg tablet increases alertness and the concentration levels of the patient.  It is effective in eradicating the condition of Sleep Apnea. It can also be useful in case you wish to treat the condition of shift-work sleep disorder. You may effectively eliminate the issue of chronic fatigue syndrome. The medicine can be highly effective in treating and enhancing the Cognitive Abilities along with the Physical Energy. Buy modawake 200mg tablet to help cure the condition that persists.

What are the uses of Modawake 200mg Tablet ?

Modawake 200mg tablet lessens extraordinary drowsiness because of narcolepsy and another rest issue, for example, times of quiet breathing during rest (obstructive rest apnea). It is additionally used to assist you with remaining conscious during work hours in the event that you have a work routine that prevents you from having an ordinary rest routine (move work rest issue). 

Modawake 200mg tablet doesn't fix these rest issues and may not dispose of all your sluggishness. Modawake 200mg tablet doesn't replace getting enough rest. It ought not to be utilized to treat tiredness or hold off snooze individuals who don't have a rest issue. 

It isn't known how Modawake 200mg tablet attempts to keep you alert. It is thought to work by influencing certain substances in the mind that control the rest/wake cycle. Buy modawake 200 mg tablets online to cure the underlying problems.

Drug Interaction

Modawake 200mg tablet may diminish the viability of hormonal conception prevention, for example, pills, fix, or ring. This could cause pregnancy. Get a consultation with your primary care physician or drug specialist on the off chance that you should utilize extra solid conception prevention techniques while utilizing Modawake 200mg tablet and for multi month subsequent to halting this prescription. Likewise tell your primary care physician on the off chance that you have any new spotting or leap forward dying, in light of the fact that these might be signs that your anti-conception medication isn't functioning admirably. 

Modawake 200mg tablet can accelerate the expulsion of different meds from your body, which may influence how they work. Instances of influenced drugs incorporate axitinib, bosutinib, certain items used to treat ceaseless hepatitis C among others. 

A few items have fixings that could raise your pulse or circulatory strain. Mention to your drug specialist what items you are utilizing, and request that how use them securely (particularly hack and-cold items or diet helps). 

Caffeine can build symptoms of Modawake 200mg tablet. Abstain from drinking a lot of refreshments containing caffeine (espresso, tea, colas), eating a lot of chocolate, or taking nonprescription items that contain caffeine. 

Modawake 200mg tablet is fundamentally the same as armodafinil. Try not to take drugs containing armodafinil while utilizing Modawake 200mg tablet. Buy modawake 200 mg tablet online to cure the underlying problems.


Modawake 200mg tablet is found in standard dosage of 200 mg and thus can be marketed only in 200 mg. To effectively treat narcolepsy the dosage is 1 pill in the morning. To cure shift work disorder, you must take 1 pill prior the shift. You must take 1 pill for cognitive enhancing properties.

Side Effects

Headache, Dizziness

Feeling Nervous Or Anxious

Back Pain

Nausea, Diarrhea, Upset Stomach

Sleep Problems (Insomnia)

Stuffy Nose

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