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Product Code: 10495
Manufacturer : Abbott India Pvt. Ltd.
Country Of Origin  India
Dosage Form : Tablet
Indication : Bacterial infections, Parasitic infections
Packaging : 15 tablets in 1 strip
Active Ingredient  Metronidazole
US Brand Name: Metrogel-Vaginal, Flagyl, Metrolotion, Metrogel, Metrocream

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What Our Customer Says

Buy Flagyl 400 Mg Tablet

Flagyl 400 mg and 500 mg tablet accompanies metronidazole as the significant fixing. It works by restraining the development and generation of microscopic organisms, murders the parasites that can cause contaminations. Flagyl 400mg is utilized if there should be an occurrence of bacterial diseases of stomach, vagina, liver, joints, skin, cerebrum, and vaginal yeast contamination. The online medication stores offer the arrangement to Buy Flagyl 400 mg tablet. 

Instructions to Use Flagyl 400mg Tablet 

Accept metronidazole according to the endorsed term by your primary care physician. The indications may improve essentially with ordinary use. Skipping dosages may extend the treatment adequacy. Metronidazole won't just treat a viral contamination like basic cold and influenza, yet additionally is perfect for different sicknesses. Try not to devour liquor while you are on Flagyl 400mg and for no less than 3 days post the finishing of your medicine course. You may have upsetting emotions like quick pulses, warmth or redness under your skin, tingly feeling, queasiness, and regurgitating. You would now be able to Buy Flagyl 400 mg tablets online or pharmacy stores. 

Suitable Dosage of Flagyl 400mg 

You should make certain to take the drug in endorsed amount at the characterized time. Overdose and missed portion can cause inconveniences. If there should be an occurrence of missed portion, accept the medication when you review. For overdose, counsel a specialist right away. 

Symptoms of Flagyl 400mg 

The greater part of the medications have a few or the reactions that carry distress to the body. The organization of specific medications causes issues with the body. Flagyl 400mg additionally has some reactions which carry inconvenience to the working of body. Here is a rundown of symptoms that are related with the utilization of Flagyl 400mg: 

Before you purchase Flagyl 400 mg tablet or 400 mg tablet, view the symptoms: 

  • Diarrhea 
  • Trouble talking or understanding what is said to you 
  • A seizure 
  • Painful or troublesome pee 
  • An unsteady inclination (like you may drop) 
  • Blisters or ulcers in your mouth, red or swollen gums, inconvenience gulping 
  • Fever, neck solidness, and expanded affectability to light. 
  • Numbness, shivering, or consuming agony in your grasp or feet 
  • Trouble resting, melancholy, touchiness 
  • Headache, unsteadiness, shortcoming 
  • Vision issues, torment behind your eyes, seeing flashes of light 
  • Muscle shortcoming, issues with coordination 

These are a portion of the broadly watched reactions that have regularly been accounted for by individuals who devour Flagyl 400mg. There are chances that there are whatever other symptoms which you have seen in your body after the utilization of Flagyl 400mg, report to your primary care physician right away. 


Insurances to take before Flagyl 400mg Consumption 

There are different insurances that are to be taken while expending Flagyl 400mg. Recorded underneath are a few precautionary measures which ought to be taken before the utilization of this drug: 

  • If you are a pregnant lady, you should avoid this drug. These drugs are dangerous for pregnant ladies and except if and until a specialist prescribes you to take it, don't devour these meds. 
  • The arrangement of this drug can even bring about some unfavourably susceptible responses. There are a few components in the medications that can cause hypersensitive responses. To turn away these responses, make a point to check the organization of the prescription. 
  • If you are experiencing any disease or a drawn out ailment, it is noteworthy for you to bring it into your PCP's notification. There are numerous liver contaminations and kidney issues which can be intensified with the impact of this drug. The structure of this prescription can be risky for certain individuals. 

These are some precautions that are to be taken before you begin the consumption of Flagyl 400mg tablets. Buy Flagyl 400mg tablets from any of the online drugstore at affordable prices. 


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