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Product Code: 2288
Manufacturer : Centurion Labratories Pvt L.T.D
Contry Of Origin : India
Dosage From : Tablet
Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
Packaging : 10 Tablet's in Strip
Active Ingredient : Tadalafil + Dapoxetine
US Brand Name: Cialis

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Super Vidalista Pills Buy Online

Super Vidalista is a medicine that is known for its revolutionary formula which cures impotency in men. This drug which is known by the name Super Vidalista and contains the formula Dapoxetine with about 20mg to 60mg composition and Tadalafil.

The two active ingredients are the ones that can be used well to discard the troubles of premature ejaculation and also enable the man to acquire and achieve a quality erection that it sustains for a prolonged period of time. Super Vidalista does not necessarily require any prescription.

What is Super Vidalista?

It is to be taken an hour prior to performing sex. It is rightly used by people who wish to perform sexual activity. Super Vidalista must be administered with a glass of water, it is available in different dosage. 

Super Vidalista is a drug that holds an explicit leaflet, it needs to be very carefully prior to use. It has all the information which is needed by the patient in order to consider before taking this medicine.

What is the use of Super Vidalista:

  1. The package contains a composition of the medicine about 80mg.
  2. Ingredients of the medicine is inclusive of Dapoxetine as well as Tadalafil in the composition of 60mg and 20 mg.
  3. The Generic name given to the drug is Dapoxetine and Cialis.
  4. Super Vidalista is a medicine that was developed by a manufacturer known as Centurion Laboratories.

If you wish that you would be able to attain Super Vidalista Pills Online, you can buy them from reputed pharmacy. 

Drug Interaction 

Most of the drugs that are present in the market are sure to cure only a specific problem. Super Vidalista on the other hand is known to be a magical ingredient that contains the active ingredients, like that of Tadalafil and Dapoxetine.

Premature ejaculation is a point of concern for men of different ages. What is needed is a medicine that helps with premature ejaculation. The discovery of Super Vidalista is the drug that is meant for the condition. 

Nitrate composition of the medicines can be a point of concern. Since, the medicines that have nitrates are the ones that can be of concer. Super Vidalista pills online are available at reputed drug store.

Dosage of Super Vidalista 

  • Missed Dose

In case, you wish to know the dose of Super Vidalista. You must take a pill a day. Any missed dose can be filled up on time as soon as you remember.  You must not overdose on the medicine. It must be taken with a glass of water. 

Take Super Vidalsita tablet as told to you by the doctor. It must not be consumed in larger or smaller quantities than what is prescribed by the doctor. Follow the regimen of the dosage, if the medicine is administered in case you wish to treat Pulmonary Hypertension. Take the medicine about prior to 30-60 minutes before the sexual activity is even taken into consideration.

Super Vidalista pills online can be bought at a reputed pharmacy and medical store online. The drugs that are offered online are the ones that would help you in the condition of premature ejaculation. You can buy this boon of a medicine from a local pharmacy or a reputed pharmacy online. 


Side Effects of Super Vidalista

Super Vidalista is a drug which has the following side effects:

  1. Flushing of the skin
  2. Feeling Dizzy
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Minor to Major Headache
  5. Having an upset stomach
  6. Feeling a certain loss in the vision
  7. Having an upset stomach
  8. Feeling a certain loss in hearing


More Information
Medicine Salt Name Tadalafil Citrate (Generic Cialis)
Manufacture detail Centurion Labratories Pvt L.T.D
Strength 3.7 ml
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