Proscalpin 1 mg (Finasteride)

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Proscalpin 1 mg (Finasteride)
Product Code: 2264
Manufacturer : Fortune Health Care
Contry Of Origin : India
Dosage From : Tablet
Indication : Hair Loss Care
Packaging : 10 Tablet's in Strip
Active Ingredient : Finasteride
US Brand Name: Generic Propecia
Proscalpin 1 mg (Finasteride)
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Proscalpin 1 mg (Generic Finasteride)


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Buy Proscalpin 1mg Tablet

Proscalpin 1mg Tablet 

The drug Finasteride is highly useful in the treatment of androgenic alopecia it is a condition in which male pattern hair loss is highly likely. The medicine was designed for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia in men. It is now been used for hair loss treatment too. For the effective treatment of the sudden hair loss, buy Proscalpin 1mg tablet. 

How to Use Proscalpin 1Mg?

Proscalpin is a medicine that works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into something more potent and effective drug called androgen dihydrotestosterone. The substance considered one of the main hormones which miniaturizes and shrinks the hair follicle that leads to early baldness and hair loss. You must ensure you are not allergic with any of the main ingredient that is present in the drug. You must be sure pregnancy and planning pregnancy is not one of the phases. Buy Proscalpin 1mg tablet online. 


The doctor will ask a few questions about your condition, related to liver disease, urination issue, bladder muscle disorder. You may be taking any other medicine that might not be correct for the condition. The dose of the medicine is strictly fixed post taking into accountability the several factors that suffice, such as severity of condition, response to treatment, drug interaction and so on. Buy Proscalpin 1mg tablet to effectively treat this disorder. 

Side Effects

Medicines can often cause side-effects as they have varying response on all the bodies. One of the most common side-effect that has been reported by people who use Proscalpin 1mg or higher dosages is the reduction in sexual desire. There is also a reduction in the amount of semen release in ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Here is a list of side-effects which are commonly observed in people who consume Proscalpin 1mg. Read the side effects given below to understand better:

  • Impotence,
  • Loss Of Interest In Sex,
  • Trouble Having An Orgasm,
  • Abnormal Ejaculation,
  • Swelling In Your Hands Or Feet,
  • Swelling Or Tenderness In Your Breasts,
  • Dizziness,
  • Weakness,
  • Feeling Like You Might Pass Out,
  • Headache,
  • Runny Nose, Or
  • Skin Rash

Once the medication is stopped, the occurrence of side effects also stops. These side effects occur only by the time medication is active. If there are side effects even after stopping the medication or if there are any abnormal side effects, make sure to check with the doctor. Never overlook abnormal side effects as these have potential to give rise to health risks. When you buy Proscalpin 1mg, make sure that you know about all the pros and cons of the medicine. 

Precautions before Proscalpin Consumption 

Before beginning any course of any medicine, make sure to read about the precautions of the medicines to be taken so that you can avoid all the risks that can occur due to the consumption of the medicine. Here is a list of precautions which one must take to avoid the health risks that come associated with the composition of the medicine:

  • If you are a patient of a prolonged illness and are having hair loss, make sure to check with the doctor in order to get assured of the effects of the medicine on your health. Most of the times, the composition of the medicine can hamper the health of a person if taken with another medicine. To be sure that it does not cause problem in your system, it is significant to consult the doctor. 
  • If you are pregnant and are thinking of beginning the course of this medicine, it is essential to check with the doctor if it is safe for your health and the unborn baby or not. At times, a lot of medicines are not safe for the health of the unborn baby and to avert any unfavorable consequences, avoid taking these medicines and consume this only when your doctor approves it safe for consumption. 

Buy Proscalpin 1mg from online drugstores or your local pharmacy. 

More Information
Medicine Salt Name Finasteride (Generic Propecia)
Manufacture detail Fortune Health Care
Strength 3.7 ml
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