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Product Code: 10517
Manufacturer : Sun Pharma
Country Of Origin : India
Dosage Form : Tablet
Indication : Muscle relaxation
Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
Active Ingredient : Baclofen
US Brand Name: Lioresal and Gablofen

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Buy liofen 10mg online

Liofen 10mg 

Liofen 10mg help diminish the pain which exists from the muscles also will help enhance the muscular moves. You have to begin at low doses and gradually take the doses. Gradual growth will ready the body best for your answer. Don't stop it and when you'd like without consultation because this could be deadly. Now you can Buy Liofen 10 mg online hassle-free manner and have it delivered to your doorsteps.

How to Utilize Liofen 10MG?

Buy Liofen 10mg online that is utilized for treating the muscular state adeptly as well as quickly. You must take the dose as advised and advised from the health care provider. The physician will evaluate the degree of harm, age, and condition seriousness, this help make the best option for certain condition and choose the ideal dose. Take the dose as suggested by the physician in controlled volume. Chewing, crushing and biting on the medication must strictly not occur.

Negative Effects of Liofen 10mg

All of the medications we take it is mainly the makeup of those medications that responds with the human body and it adversely affects together with your own body. The makeup of those medicines will cause difficulties with the body where it's been introduced. Here's a listing of side effects that Are Generally observed by the consumption of Liofen 10mg:

  • Skin rash
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Headache
  • Constipation

All these above-mentioned are one of the commonly experienced side-effects that are reported from the masses using Liofen 10mg. There are many other side effects that are linked to the applications of Liofen 10mg.


You will find several Precautions which you must take while swallowing Liofen 10mg. should you purchase Liofen 10mg online, be certain that you examine the precautions provided on the advice leaflet or consult with a physician about it. For your convenience, we’ve listed some of these steps below take a peek to know better:

  • This medication is a rigorous no-no for the pregnant ladies. Girls who have guessed shouldn't take Liofen 10mg capsule because the makeup of the medication can negatively affect the entire body. It's thus crucial to eliminate this medication.
  • For people who are alcoholic, then it's advised not to drink alcohol when you're on the plan of Liofen 10mg. These medications should be taken whenever there's not any hint of alcohol in the human body. The effect of the medication tends to get slowed down because of the existence of alcohol within the human body and so, it's vital to reduce or give up the alcohol intake entirely so as to allow Liofen 10mg behave in your entire body.
  • You prescribed dose can impact your entire body in an undesirable way. Take just the required dosage and don't raise the dose. Increasing the dose can cause Problems together with the human body and this may also result pinto health issues.





Liofen 10 Tablet may cause excessive drowsiness with alcohol.


Liofen 10 Tablet might be perilous to use during pregnancy. In spite of the fact that there are constrained examinations in people, creature contemplates have indicated unsafe consequences for the creating child. 


Liofen 10 Tablet is sheltered to use during breastfeeding. Human investigations propose that the medication doesn't go into the bosom milk in a huge sum and isn't unsafe to the infant. 


Liofen 10 Tablet may diminish readiness, influence your vision or make you feel drowsy and bleary eyed. Try not to drive if these indications happen. 


This tablet ought to be utilized with alert in patients with kidney malady. Portion modification of Liofen 10 Tablet might be required.

If you buy Liofen 10mg tablets online, make sure to read about the precautions of the medicine beforehand. It is important to consider these precautions before starting the medication. You must follow the instruction given by your trusted doctor. 

More Information
Medicine Salt Name Baclofen (Generic Lioresal & Gablofen)
Manufacture detail Sun Pharmaceuticals
Strength 3.7 ml
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