Climax Spray

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Climax Spray
Manufacturer : MidasCare Pharma
Country Of Origin : India
Dosage Form : Sprays
Indication : Topical anaesthesia of the mucous membranes
Packaging : 200 Sprays (12gm in Bottle)
Active Ingredient : Lidocaine
US Brand Name: Lidocaine
Climax Spray

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Climax Spray


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Buy Climax Delay Spray Online

Climax spray is a spray which ensures that a man lasts longer than their usual time while making love. The product is effective for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation problem, which can be due to any reason. To overcome such male impotence problems the climax spray is prescribed. The spray consists of 10% of Lidocaine, this ingredient is known to affect the duration of ejaculation. Buy climax delay spray online from online drug stores.

What is Climax Spray?

Climax spray is ideal for men above 18 years of age. Apply the spray prior to sexual intercourse, about 15-20 min before. First, you must shake the spray then press the canister opening nozzle on to the penis shaft and specifically around the penis head to apply it better use a finger to evenly distribute the lotion and give it time to dry out. The medication is easily available you can buy climax delay spray online from an online drug store.

What is the use of Climax Spray?

Climax Spray may be a topical spray wont to enhanced delayed pleasure by hardening your penis to rock hard. The spray keeps the penis long active and erected for extended sexual activities. Just spray on your penis and luxuriate in the delayed sexual action providing ultimate orgasm to the feminine partner. With this, both the partners have satisfactory sex. Climax Spray is out there at your nearest pharmacy stores. You can also purchase climax delay spray online from reliable pharmacy stores like:

Following are the uses and benefits:

  1. For the penile erection
  2. Premature ejaculation
  3. Local anesthetic
  4. Pain-relieving spray
  5. For numbness

Buy climax delay spray online which is available online from pharmacies and drug stores.

Drug Interaction

Buy Climax Delay Spray Online, since it is loaded with a bundle of benefits:

  1. this is often a fast formula which will be used rather than the oral sort of treating ejaculation. 
  2. Spray being local anaesthetic has got to be applied topically. 
  3. The topical form gives better compliance as compared to oral formulations. 
  4. Getting used topically, the onset of action is far faster as compared to oral forms.
  5. Being the topical form, the side effects also are very less and constricted to the local application only. 6. Being local anaesthetic, the aerosol be used as a pain reliever also. 
  6. Climax Spray makes your penis erect by creating numbness within the penile region. 
  7. It also helps to form your penis stay erect for a extended period of your time as compared to oral drugs. 
  8. It also increases sensitivity 
  9. It delays ejaculation thereby, preventing ejaculation. 
  10. It improves the standard of sexual life.

The following drugs show drug interactions with Climax Spray. Avoid the following medicines:

  1. beta-blocker anti-hypertensives
  2. Local anesthetic medicines
  3. anti-ulcer medications
  4. Antiarrhythmic drugs


Four sprays are the advised pumps you must rely on, depending on the sensitivity the pump amount may differ from person to person, and some may even find that three sprays of are sufficient to delay ejaculation and prolongs sex. It is advised to not indulge in oral intercourse if climax delay spray is used. 

Climax Spray may be a (generic Lidocaine) male desensitizing genital spray that temporary delays ejaculation. It is a singular medical formulation which dual-action. it's helpful in providing long-lasting prolonged penile erection and is also helpful in delaying ejaculation. It is manufactured by Midas Pharmaceuticals.

Side Effects

  • Apprehension
  • Blurred Vision
  • Confused
  • Dizzy
  • Extreme Sense Of Well Being
  • Feeling Cold
  • Feeling Warm
  • Nervous
  • Ringing In The Ears
  • Throwing Up
  • Twitching
  • Visible Water Retention
More Information
Medicine Salt Name Lidocaine
Manufacture detail MidasCare Pharma
Strength 3.7 ml
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